Flash Baseball Commonly Asked Questions

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Are there areas for the players to warm-up?

Yes, we have many netted cages available located adjacent to the main parking area near fields 5 and 6.  Additionally, there is grassy area in this same location for “soft tossing of balls.”

Are there viewing areas which are handicap accessible?

Yes, there is ground level viewing as well as ramps which provide handicap accessibility to all of our elevated seating areas.  In addition, the restrooms, restaurant and dining areas all provide handicap access.

Can I rent the FlashCade for a private event?

Yes, after March 16 that area can be rented for four hours for $250.  We require a deposit of $100 which is refundable if the area is sufficiently cleaned and maintained following your event.  The maximum capacity of the FlashCade is 100 people. 

Can I rent the Indoor Batting Cages while I am at the complex?

Yes, we have two Iron-Mike pitching machines with ball retrieval located at the rear of our indoor facility.  Time can be purchased in either 30 minute or 1 hour increments per machine.  The cost for 30 minutes is $20 and for a full hour it is $35. 

Batting Cages Photo 1

Batting Cages Photo 2

Can I rent the Indoor Training Facility while I am at the complex?

Yes, our indoor facility has a turf area of over 5,500 sq. ft. and is climate controlled.  There are netted areas for individual batting and throwing drills as well as a large open area where multiple players can work on their fielding skills.  Time can be purchased in one hour increments at $100 per hour.  Please note--we do not allow cleats to be worn inside the facility on the turf.  To reserve a specific time prior to your arrival at the Flash Complex, please e-mail flashbc@flashbaseball.org or visit the tournament director area to reserve and pay for your time once you are at the Facility.

 View Indoor Facility 

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Do you allow fishing in the lake at the complex?

Yes, those who are attending the baseball games are welcome to bring along their fishing pole and take a chance at catching their dinner for the night!

Do you allow pets?

No.  For the safety of your pet and all in attendance at the complex, we do not allow pets.

How will Flash communicate with coaches involved in a tournament?

Communication during our tournaments is the key to success for everyone.  We will be using Twitter, text messaging and a one call system to communicate all pertinent information regarding your team and the tournament.  You will be able to visit our website www.flashbaseball.org to view team standings, overall bracketing and seeding.  Once a bracket is finalized for a tournament, we will contact you via e-mail to verify all of your contact information and communicate specific tournament information.


We also maintain a rain-out number at 513-588-0108 where any updates can be obtained.

Is there a gate fee to enter the complex?

During Flash tournaments, the gate (spectator) fee is paid up front by the teams. 


There are non-Flash tournaments at which a gate fee will be collected.  Consult the host groups website for details on possible gate fees.

Is there overnight camping at the facility?

No - The closest overnight camping is at East Fork State Park, less than 10 miles from the complex. 

What day will games start when there is a four game guarantee?

Tournaments with a four game guarantee will most likely begin on Thursday.  Depending on the number of teams in each age group, the first game on Thursday could be as early as 9 am.  We strive to delay the start until as late in the day as possible but as a team you should plan on being available beginning at 9 am on Thursday when making your travel plans.

What day will games start when there is a three game guarantee?

Tournaments with a three game guarantee will begin on Friday other than the Memorial Day Blowout.  Depending on the number of teams in each age group, the first game on Friday could be as early as 6 pm.  As a team you should plan on being available beginning at 6 pm on Friday when making your travel plans. 

The Memorial Day Blowout tournament will begin at 9 am on Saturday morning.

What format is used for Flash tournaments?

Pool Play with single elimination.  We want as many teams as possible to go to the final pool so we can often have two brackets—a silver bracket and a gold bracket.  Each tournament has a guaranteed number of games which each team will play

What if my team needs special consideration for game times?

We realize that sometimes the best laid plans have issues.  We will attempt to honor any conflicts which might present themselves for a team but those issues must be received in writing four weeks prior to the start of the tournament.  Additionally, we reserve the right to charge a fee of $50 per request to cover the additional scheduling costs we will incure.

What is CABA and why do I need a CABA number?

CABA stands for Continental Amateur Baseball Association.  CABA offers teams the opportunity to advance to World Series or National Championship Events through either sanctioned leagues or qualifying tournaments.  Once each tournament is completed, your scores, standings and other necessary information will be reported to CABA.  Note—a CABA number is not needed to initially register for one of our tournaments but you will need to apply for and report your CABA number prior to the start of the tournament.


For more information on CABA go to http://www.cababaseball.com/2012/03/caba-sanctioned-leagues.html.  

What is the level of competition at a Flash tournament?

Teams which visit the Flash Complex to play in our tournaments represent a varying skill level.  While the skills of some of the teams might be more advanced than others, the challenge of the competition will help all players advance as individuals.   

What is your policy as to coolers and outside food/drinks in the complex?

We request that you not bring in outside food, drink or coolers of any kind.  At the complex, we are proud to have THE STIK restaurant which offers a variety of dining choices ranging from the traditional ball park type foods to more healthy items.  Additionally, Gatorade and soda vending machines are located throughout the complex for your convenience.  There are also drinking fountains available within close proximity of each field. 


Players can bring in individual drink coolers for their personal hydration—NO TEAM COOLERS PERMITTED

What is your policy regarding Sunflower Seeds?

We would prefer that sunflower seeds not be brought into the complex.  The spitting of the sunflower shells onto the fields, walkways and other facilities has many negative effects on our complex.  You will be required to dispose of any shells in waste recepticles.

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy: - Withdrawal more than 45 days prior to the tournament- In all cases, a team must

provide written notice to Flash Baseball Complex about their intent to withdraw from the tournament. If this notice is received at least 46 days prior to the tournament, Flash Baseball Complex will refund the entry fee less a One hundred and Fifty Dollars ($ 150.00) administrative fee. Withdrawal less than 45 days prior to the tournament - There are NO refunds for any withdrawal within forty five (45) days of a Flash Tournament. 

Are there smoking areas?

Smoking is permitted away from the stadiums and seating areas.  On most fields it would be in the outfield area down the sidelines, away from the main entry area.

Cigarrete butt containers are provided in these areas and it is requested that you not throw butts on the ground.